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really good for free game

it is a good game

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Woah! This is a really impressive game! I like the battle system and it reminds me of Undertale and other bullet hell games. Keep it up, dude!

My one suggestion is that the character's movement seems a bit slow and I think you should increase it just a tiny bit. Also, the text is a bit difficult to read at times. Other than those, this game is very impressive considering it was done using pygame! 

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Thanks! It means a lot to me.

For carble's movement speed, I think I'll go with a focus-unfocus movement system, much like the Touhou series.

All dialogs are being remade for v0.8, considering they're from 2019 for the most part, and they start to show. I'm struggling to make a good font,  especially in a 10x10 format (having different spacing for each letter would require a lot of work), but one day I'll make it.

What chapter are you on? Did you encounter any bugs?

I'm currently on Chapter 6.I must say, the graphics are really impressive! I really like Chapter 5 and how the arena gets smaller and smaller and that final attack is a challenge!

As for bugs, I did remember killing the Croissant guy only to get killed afterwards.It was a bit frustrating but I know this is still beta so I let it pass for now.

Great job, nonetheless. I'm recommending your game to my friends :) 

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Thank you very much! That will be fixed in the next version.Thanks for following the developpement of RG-FT!